Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas box 2

Tenth day of 12 Creative days of Christmas 2011 

I have someting new today :) 
Start new 2012 with clean scrap space! That is what I did today ... I put in order my scrap space :) ... and .... I end up with so much paper pieces. You know how happened - have new project, cut piece of one page, punched piece from another. And in the end you have paper pieces that you can't use but don't like to throw away. 
Here is part of what I had. Seemingly useless...

Most papers was from Graphic 45 "Once Upon A Springtime". I love this paper and I didin't trow away anything.
Use paper trimmer to cut stripes. Keep as much as possible. You can use even small pieces: 

Use stripes to cover box that you have. I used 2 small boxes that can be attached together: 

Use your faivourite adhesive to fix all stripes. I used glue and paint brush.
You end up with something that look like this:

Cut all stripes ends that stick out:

I didn't finish this box but I will share another one.I put inside some of my Christmas tags and paper clips.


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