Sunday, December 4, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

First day of 12 Creative Days Of Christmas 2011

Welcome to the 12 Crearive Days Of Christmas 2011 projects here in my blog! I will post 12 Christmas projects until 23.12.
We finally saw snow in Ã…rhus today! Yay ... and it was gone as fast as it comes ha ha ha
That was my window few hours ago :)

This December I have 1 year anniversary in my blog! I can't believe Christmas knock on the door again ... how time flies! Previous year I didn't have time for 12 projects because I create my blog too late.
I keeped an eye on YouTube and some other blogs. And I've seen so cool Christmas projects but ... all of them needed huge amount of supplies. Then why you call it ''scrap''+book? Use your left-over papers more often! They cost money and dead tree! THINK GREEN this season!!!
So much people saw my captured fairy in a jar that I decided to made Christmas themed jar. I will post another jar project for your fireplace decoration. Anyway ... here is my first project!Enjoy!

This is a jar full of Christmas cards. I made this cards from left-over basic cardstock and design paper.
1. Overlay bottom with batting and styrofoarm pellets. They create impression that there is snow in the jar.
2. Don't put too many cards ... leave spase to put cones. They will give finished look to your jar.

And here are my cards.I made 2 types - mittens and presents. Mittens was little time consuming for because I use my own template.First cut mittens,then put extra piece on top from basic cardstock and in the end put glitter. Presents are very easy - cut squares and rectangles and tie fibers. They look like wrapped presents. You can make this cards more complicated ... that's up to you :)

Hope you like my first project.

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