Saturday, May 14, 2011

Capture fairy in a jar - what you need


Today I will give you some advices about making capture fairy in a jar.First I have to apologize because I didn't have time to make this post earlier.I was very busy and I didn't find time to post anything in my blog.

I will post today some information that you need as well as some links.

Here is my jar.It is jar from instant coffee.I like these jars because they are made from very solid glass.Mainly I use them in my kitchen but they are perfect for everything.You can use every type of jar that you have at home.

What I recommend is to use jar with hole that is big enough to fit your hand inside otherwise you will need tweezers.

Next very important thing is what you can put inside.As you can see I put stone.That can be mistake!!!Everything in my jar stuck perfect except the stone.I use hot glue gun and it doesn't work.If anyone find glue that works let me know :) You can put stone inside for personal use only.If you plan to send it somewhere don't use stone because it will destroy everything else inside.

On the basis I used dry moss.If you didn't have any you can buy some decorative moss:

Probably you will find dry moss in floral section in "Michaels" or "Joann".
Good thing - dry and still green!!!

If you use moss from nature you have to leave your jar open for few days to remove moisture.This is last minute project.So if you have to make gift for next day it is perfect.In this case you don't have time to wait to remove moisture.Just doesn't glue the lid!If there is any moisture you should be able to open it for few days.

I think that's all you need.If you have any questions leave a comment or send me e-mail.I'll do my best to answer you as fast as possible :) Have a nice and sunny weekend :) See you soon with photo tutorial how to make your jar :)

P.S. You can make different theme jars!!!

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