Friday, September 23, 2011

Halloween decorations 2011

Hi,everyone :)
I'm back and I already started my countdown for Halloween.Yes,I know it's early!But I will prepare Halloween party decoration this year.It's will be very busy month.I will share with you many ideas for Halloween decorations because we have very big common room to decorate.So ... let's get started :)
First idea I found at eBay.I can't post link because it's already sold but I will show you my idea to make it.It is very simple and may be there is many ways to do it.It's a spider net.
Here is result:

What you need?
Here is everything I found usefull.

First step is to cut 4 equal pieces of rope.They will be main part.Knot them together at middle.I used other small piece.

I found usefull to fix every knot with pin.

Second step is to make the rest of the net.

That is result before I take away pins.

You are ready to hang up all nets on the corners.I also will use stretchable spider net to increase the effect :)
I will upload more photos when we are ready with all party decorations.

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