Friday, April 1, 2011

Homemade paper

Hi everybody :) Here is how I make my homemade paper.
Choose well coordinate colors. I have bad experience when I put different colors. Result was
ugly brownish that I never use. I always use white copypaper or sheets of notebooks as a basis.

Cut or tear to pieces your paper. I prefer to tear up paper because then easily absorb water.

Pour on paper with hot water. Hot water also helps the paper to absorb water.

Mix everything together.

Here is result that I like:

Put the piece of net that you have in big plate,pan or basin.Then put small portions of mixed paper and water.Then spread well with fork.Cover it with another piece of net and remove wather with absobent cloth.

Then move carefully everything on cloth,cover with another half of cloth and press with something heavy. You may change cloths untill the paper dry well.

This is result of previous attempts

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