Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back in time

Hi,everyone!I'm back :)
Today I will show you part of one old project.
I made my first scrapbook almost а year ago.At that time I didn't have beautiful color paper and found few tutorials that show me how to make paper look old.And I decided to try and made aged scrapbook.
Today I can show you only few tags because I haven't pictures of all scrapbook.
During this project I experimented with different papers to find best result.I made first tag with colored print paper.Here is green one.For next tag I used white cardstock ... actually I bought shaped cardstock tags.First I drew flowers with black ink.You can wait until all flowers dry or use hairdryer.After that I used sponge to put coffee all over.You can use any type coffee and also you can apply few layers to make paper darker.Just wait to dry before apply new layer.

At this tag I used differnt technique to apply coffee.Instead of using spong I used brush and apply only 2 layers.

Here I used watercolor cardstock.It is rugged and thicker and dry more difficult.You also have to apply more layers to make paper darker ... I didn't even try.

This tag is similar with tird one.Iused brush but here I made spots insted of lines.

Hope you like my ideas.You can share with me your results,leave comments and ask me everything.
Tomorrow I will post more pictures from this scrapbook.
Have a nice day and inspiration 

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